Recent Projects

Pictures speak louder than words. Browse through our gallery of recent projects and see for yourself how we do our work. Give us a call and tell us about your project.

  • Shark Senses
    Shark Senses
  • Jeep Bed
    Jeep Bed
  • IMG_20180405_080233
  • Rocket 4
    Rocket 4
  • IMG_20180517_121000
  • Q Signage
    Q Signage
  • Stacking Crates
    Stacking Crates
  • IMG_20180531_111807
  • Tomb Raider Desk
    Tomb Raider Desk
  • TV Unit
    TV Unit
  • Skinny Legs Cafe 2
    Skinny Legs Cafe 2
  • Stacking Crate Desk
    Stacking Crate Desk
  • Nightsoil Bucket
    Nightsoil Bucket
  • Origami Desk
    Origami Desk
  • Retro Cupboard
    Retro Cupboard